- Says he's gonna teach me just what fast is

- I think I fell in love with a porn star

And got married in the bathroom
Honeymoon on the dancefloor
And got divorced by the end of the night

- Won't somebody take me out tonight

- Berätta allt du vill på bussen som går hem

- As pretty as you like

- Onsdag

- Tisdag

- Jag vet en dejlig rosa

- Det blommar hela vägen hem


- Istället för ord

- Paris blue †

- Some of that hardcore female aggression shit

- Du ska se att allting ordnar sig

- To go away on a summer's day

- Någonting i himlens ficka

Nu har jag invigt mitt nya Diana-objektiv!

- jag vill ha din ryggrad här

- Well tonight out on the streets

I'm gonna follow you
and tell you all about a scene
that you would kill for
You're gonna love what's
burning right in front of you
But you won't see it
by the light of the sun

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